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July 08, 2007


Dan Ward

I think this is a great idea - and have been pretty impressed with the buzz and no-kidding-action that seems to have come from things like Live Earth.

Thanks for adding your voice and presence to the fight against things like extreme poverty, HIV, etc... I'll poke around on some of those links too and will be sure to do my part too.

Thanks for the encouragement and example!

Mark Randall Kilburn

Wow!!! Those are heavy topics!!
When I read about other countries and all the problems they have, I think back to my childhood in the 1960's and all those innocent doe-eyed brown skinned kids shown walking around in squalor in T.V. ads. Then I realize something...that was 40 years ago..during 40 years and within my lifetime this problem has not been solved. Education does not work. Donations do not work. Volunteering does not work. In 2005 I spent 14 hours over two days driving a forklift for hurricane katrina victims aid. It did no good. Millions of tons of food and billions of dollars are shipped to these countries every year and where does it go? Not to the needy. When the fox is gaurding the henhouse the results are always predictable. Think Koffi Annan and Son.
By the way, where IS the great U.N. in all these matters? They have more money than I could imagine and they are useless so far.
Anybody that rides into a combat zone in a white vehicle wearing a blue beret is asking to be shot, anyway.
This earth is a lower vibrational exsistence and until a major consiousness
shift takes place we are stuck with what we have. I read at the end of this post the celebrity list that have signed on. What a joke. Most of those film celebrities made their money by starring in violent, brutal
and unrealistic portrayals of some bizarre
screen-writers imagination, while wielding firearms in the most ridiculous fashion, all the while influencing our youth and planting the seeds of social decay.
I challenge anybody to track the progress of these movements in 20 years and see if they made any difference. Morality cannot be legislated. All the laws and all the rules will never make this world a utopia.

Gabe Mounce

Great post! It definitely feels great to DO something that contributes to a bigger cause and makes a difference, even if only a little bit. In fact, once you start giving, it's hard to stop! I love the concept of altruism and I think it's probably the most worthwhile thing in life to pursue...to give of yourself. I consider myself a Christian and as such, this is my highest calling. In fact, one the most encouraging times of my life has been over the last year aiding my wife as she trained for several marathons to raise funds for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society. It was truly amazing to see how many lives are changed, and the comaradie shared, by people trying to make a difference in the lives of others. As you say it really does only take one person. I've recently decided to find some way to lend my engineering background and artistic talents to help better the environment and thus why I supported Live Earth. Hopefully, this is only the beginning!

Gabe Mounce

Oh yeah, there is one more great resource, too, for helping find stuff where people can make a difference:


It's based on the documentary of the same name, but there are some wonderful resources there.


Thanks for your comments Gabe. Also for the additional info and link.

Mark Randall Kilburn

I think we should have a 15 day waiting period for volcano eruptions...you know like a cooling off time....just in case.
Then, we could force instant background checks on the possesion of Lava. Of course this would not apply while it is still underground, because it is Magma until it reaches the surface, but hey, theres always that one volcano that slips through the cracks and spews too many greenhouse gases.
Think Mt Pinutabo or St Helens.

Makes sense to me!!

Linda Blondheim

Yor blog is terrific.
Thanks so much.
Linda Blondheim

Mark Randall Kilburn

Here is another thought on bringing up standards in third world countries. Consider this: United States Army Special Forces specialize in training people in other countries. Hygeine, first aid, clean water technology, fighting, food sourcing,
equipment use and repair, communication,
land navigation....etc. They get the job DONE and usually on a relatively small budget. So who is putting the WHAMMY on these multi-million dollar attempts by bleeding heart ( celebrity ) do-gooders to help these poor countries? How come all this money does not seem to help? Think back to 1973 when the Concert for Bangladesh was the cool new Trend-d'Jour. Now where is Bangladesh? How many affluent first world people vacation in Bangladesh? How many of you have showered in (dirty soap scummy) grey water systems in the third world? Or contracted intestinal worms from contact with the soil?
My point being that these countries need hands on help in addition to just money.
They need chemicals from Dow-Corning, they need petroleum from Exxon, and they need clean dependable food & power sources from the evil Reptilian-Humanoid corporations like Archer Daniels Midland and Tyson and YES, last but not least HALLIBURTON!!
OH MY GOD!!! I said the H word!

Do I get my Jello ration cut off? WAAAA!!!!
Think about it, throwing money at problems
almost NEVER works, because the wrong people keep catching it.


Quite right...These countries are in need of hands on help in addition to money. I'm willing to help. Mark..wanna join me?

Mark Randall Kilburn

No thanks, charity begins at home.

Mark Randall Kilburn

OK, I realize I probably need to check the PH level (a little acidic ?) of my bellicose opinions. I am new to blogging and this is FUN! People actually read what we write and respond (sometimes).

Mark Randall Kilburn

Things just have not been the same since the harmonic convergance......

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