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December 08, 2008


Mark Randall Kilburn

Cheesy gifts suck!

One of my students just gave me a hardly used jewellers torch and it was the one I wanted for a while. Sometimes gifts are cool.
Dont you want Low-Rider pipes for your car?


things i don't want for christmas:

1. clothing. i'll just not like and then feel obliged to wear it because it was given to me.
2. a male stripper. i'm pretty sure that they stopped selling those in 1865 or so, anyway.
3. a female stripper. i'd have to feed her, clothe her, clean up after her. maybe if you include a maid.
4. anything that can be considered the latest and greatest in technology. you'll spend a lot of money just to watch the iPod-touch-phone-handgun-flashlight-motorcycle completely wash away whatever you picked up.
5. gift cards. i can't deposit gift cards in the bank, spend them on cigarettes, or keep track of them for longer than a week.
6. a boat. it is, i quote "a hole in the water into which one throws money."
7. things that i would have to display. we probably don't have the same taste. if we do have the same taste, i'm very sorry for you.
8. student related items. the last thing that i want to think of on a holiday is schoolwork.
9. nine inch nails cd's. i'm determined to collect them all myself.
10. anything that isn't a new keyboard, money for me to spend on my new keyboard, or a new pair of ears with which i can properly hear aforementioned keyboard.

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