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February 14, 2009


Mark Randall Kilburn

I am happy to see some funding for good solid institutions that show and promote art in the community. On the other hand, I know from personal experience that Uncle Sam does not give anything away without wanting something back, and with funding comes mandates. If an artists work is diametrically opposed to the political administration, do you think that the artist has a chance at getting any of the financial benefits of these programs? I am proud of the fact that my art work is "Art without Issues" and I never do political or religous themed peices. So, I do not polarize people politically with my work, in fact I refuse to do so on purpose. I think artists that do use politics as a platform just get USED by the system.

Mark Randall Kilburn

I do not see this as a victory, I see it as MORE federal government in our lives. Welfare for the arts. Great.

I work my butt off to earn my own money so I do not have to go to some local, state or federal agency and break out my begging bowl. I enjoy the freedom of my own independence, earned by me with no strings attached.


for god's sake. we all do. it's a truly nice feeling, and maybe we could entertain the idea if we ignore the fact that we aren't living in a make-believe world in which everybody actually has equal opportunity.

the problem isn't with government, it's with corrupt government. and unfortunately, corrupt government is unavoidable if it isn't under constant inspection and undergoing constant change. wait...who's that bozo again in the white house who's, um, putting salary caps on congressman and those very corrupt CEO's that you're always going on about? who's investing in healthcare for the uninsured and stem cell research? same guy who offered to "reach out" to those who disagree with him before bleeding them into the ground...what's his name? well, whatever, regardless, government exists for a purpose.

let's not lampoon the government when they do something right. would you punish your child for trying to clean up after himself?

Mark Randall Kilburn

Well said but again why is the federal government even involved in all this?

What gives Uncle Sam ANY right to cap peoples salaries? whether they are corrupt or not? You see, I remember a time when the federal government was not as big and intrusive as it is today. I do agree, however that eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty. On the other hand, elected officials are voted in with a large measure of trust, and to violate that trust is iexcusable.

Mark Randall Kilburn

And, who ever sold us the lie of "Equal Opportunity" sold us WHOPPER!

Ultimatley the playing field is never level.

Again, Uncle Sam cannot legislate morality.
Laws do not make people do things, they obey them willingly...or not. There are over 20,000 laws regarding firearms in this country , but that NEVER stops a bank robber.

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