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April 02, 2009



i designed newspapers for just about half of my almost 30 years in publishing, and it's inconceivable to me that newspapers are going out of business these days. they need to change with the times, in design, as well as every other aspect of news in this 24/7 cable news time we live in. i'm thinking their shortfalls are more the consequence of bean counters running too much of editorial. to be the shining voice of truth-to-power as they once were, editorial needs to be given full reign. i suspect it's all too common that advertising dollars rule at the end of the day. and who needs any venture where providing the truth to the public comes in second to profits for the greedy.


Well said Casey. For exactly the point you raise here is why blogging has broken barriers... people can express their opinions and speak openly much like the "old fashioned editorial."

Frankly, I hope the age of print news is not gone. It would be a tragedy. There is something so wonderful about spending a Sunday morning with the NY Times IN HAND!

Mark Randall Kilburn

newspapers are going to fade away like an old soldier, antiquated, old media journalistic diatribes that took on a socialist slant years ago. Newspaper journalists no longer report the truth, they are told what to say and what stories can be told.
And, have any of you ever stood next to newspaper printing presses? Monstrous energy suckers that eat up maintenance budgets and consumables and spew out toxic by-products from just the cleaning process alone. One word....DINOSAUR!!!

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