Jeremy Parker


My name is Jeremy Parker, and I recently founded, a
new startup backed by the large apparel company David Peyser Sportswear
(owner of brands such as Weatherproof and MV Sport). I thought you
might want to cover us or learn more about what we're doing.

Vote For Art will be similar to Threadless but with a collegiate
focus. We have partnered with six major universities for our main
launch in November, for which we will be hosting graphic design
contests. The winners' artwork will be printed on t-shirts and sold at
the University bookstore. MV Sport already has deep, vendor
relationships with many university bookstores, allowing Vote For Art
the platform to take a large bite out of the cool, crowd-sourced
t-shirt market.

We are currently hosting the "Design Our Logo" contest which will be the very first of its kind. Members of the Vote For Art community will be able to design and vote for the actual logo to be displayed on our site and on all of the tees sold online and in book stores around the country. Not only will Vote For Art members create all the products sold in our stores, but they'll also create the brand of the entire community!

I would love to give you more color about what we are doing - let
me know if I could answer any questions you might have or if you have

time for a short call.

All the best,

Jeremy Parker

Lisa Mikulski

Hi Jeremy,
I'm preparing for a business trip but when I return I'll take a look at what you have going on. I already have a few questions...for instance, these members who are designing logos and tshirts... what is their compensation?

I'll follow up with you upon my return next week.

Thanks for visiting

Scott Kahn

Dear Lisa, your son at Staples in Old Saybrook gave me your info. I am a painter recently relocated from NYC to Old Lyme. I would like to find a web designer locally to work with. Please view my website just to acquaint yourself with the site. I would like to discuss with you how to develope it further.
I will call you.
My phone is 860 434-1880

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